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Blood Cleansed Cleanse




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Spicy, sweet, and toxin free

This intentionally curated collection of juices, teas and elixir helps to cleanse your blood of toxins.

Health Benefits

Deeply cleanse your blood by flushing out toxins, improve energy/mood, and increase mental clarity. This cleanse is also known to relieve PMS symptoms and/or shorten your moon cycle. If that’s your aim, begin this cleanse 3-5 days prior to menstruating for best results. 

Before drinking, shake each bottle and visualize it giving you just what your body, mind, and spirit need.

R E P E A T for 3 or 5 days for a deeply rooted cleanse.


You get the following products for each day of your cleanse:

(1) 4 oz Detox Shot*, (1) 16 oz Super Green Tea, (2) 16 oz Blood Cleansed Juice, (1) 16 oz Green Apple Spice Juice

Detox Shot* powered by a seasonal custom bitter herb blend, cinnamon, ginger


For the optimal experience, follow the schedule below (adjust times to suit your schedule)

6am - Squeeze 1 key lime (not included) into 16oz (2 cups) of warm/room temperature water. Drink half of the water, followed immediately by the Detox Shot. Sip on the remaining water at your own pace.

7am - Drink the Super Green Tea

9am - Drink the first Blood Cleansed Juice

12 noon - Squeeze 1 key lime (not included) into 16-32oz (2-4 cups) of warm/room water and sip over the next few hours

3pm - Drink the second Blood Cleansed Juice

6pm- Drink the Green Apple Spice Juice

8pm -Squeeze 1 key lime into 8oz (1 cup) of warm/room temperature water and drink.

**Eat a light dinner at between 6-8p, if necessary. Keep it as green and fresh as possible!


Side Effects:

  • You may notice an increase in energy and a boost in your mood. 
  • Bowel movements will turn beet red … that means it’s working!
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