Our Story

Plant Lady Juice Co.

Plant Lady Juice Co. sprouted from an aligned meeting at a local organic store between it’s founders Akilah Cherri and Jennifer Kanyange. Jennifer told Akilah about her aspirations to start a thriving urban food garden in her West Atlanta home, and the friendship bloomed from there.

Under Akilah’s guidance and mentorship, Jennifer planted and nurtured a garden that nourishes her family and her community (and you through our products). That partnership led to Jennifer commissioning Akilah to provide custom juices and teas for her company’s conference in Atlanta. 

… and that event inspired Akilah to offer a variety of juices, teas and elixirs to Atlanta Public School teachers.

… and that led Akilah to inviting Jennifer to co-found Plant Lady Juice Co.

Akilah Cherri

CEO/ co-Founder 

Akilah Cherri is an Atlanta, GA based plant medicine woman, agriculturalist, elementary school teacher and urban farmer. In the summer of 2018, Akilah began her formal education in wholistic healing as a student at The Wild Ginger Herbal Center in Manzanillo, Costa Rica. Once she returned from Costa Rica, she studied with the late Dr. Lialia Afrika and Queen Afua. From 2013-2019, Akilah was an Agricultural Fellow at HABESHA Inc: an Atlanta/Ghana based, Pan-African, community-farming organization. As an Agricultural Fellow, she studied urban organic agriculture, sustainable energy technology and green living. Akliah was also on the founding team of The Honey Pot Co. from their startup into initial expansion.

Jennifer Kanyange

COO/ co-Founder 

Jennifer Kanyange is a proud resident of West Atlanta, GA. She has spent her multi-faceted global career in strategic operations working with world renowned product development teams, creatives, designers and policy makers. Currently, Jennifer is Senior Director, Project Management and Execution at a leading national non-profit focused on education and workforce development transformation across America. Throughout her career, she has held leadership roles at Twitter, Slack and Nike. For Jennifer, Plant Lady Juice Co. is an extension of the rich history of agriculture that is part of her East African heritage. 

Why We Exist

We started Plant Lady Juice Co. because our juices, teas, and elixirs have the power to nourish peoples’ minds, bodies, and spirits. Beyond what we sell, we have wisdom to share… wisdom passed down from our ancestors that can inspire Plant People (our customers) on their journey towards self actualization.

We know that:

  • Consuming mindfully cultivates inner and outer peace 
  • Plant People who connect with their roots absorb life's most beautiful gifts
  • Self-love is a form of harmonic alignment
  • Creativity cultivates community