Wholistic Consultation

Let's Get to the Root

For Black/Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), Wholistic Consultations are a $300 investment.

For our allies, Wholistic Consultations are a $500 investment.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your time slot.

Upon receipt of your intake form, you will receive an invoice with two payment options and a calendar link for scheduling.

Note: If you did not pay in full when booking, the balance will be due at the time of your consultation.

During the time of your scheduled consultation, Akilah will read your eyes, tongue and the palms of your hands in order to come to a conclusion of what your body is saying. Then, she will cultivate a custom plan with you for your wellness journey. If desired, a custom herbal kit will be crafted to support any recommendations made.

Note: In the case of virtual consultations, clients will text/email photos of both top and bottom of each sclera, the tongue first thing in the morning (before brushing teeth), and the palms of both hands.


Here's what our Plant People have to say
Wholistic ConsultationS. Manns

I just want to say that since using products from Ms. Akilah's "SeeSpiritRun" for the past several years, (3 years to be exact), and continuing with "Plant Lady Juice", I have had absolutely NO allergies or bronchitis illnesses in the same time period. Prior to using her products, I experienced allergies and/or bronchitis twice a year, every year...but no more. Thank you, Ms. Plant Lady

Wholistic ConsultationN. Okeyo

It was a no brainer to reach out to Akilah after I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Although I knew I would push through the diagnosis, I needed her guidance to ground me.
I’ve known her for years so I trust her spirit and work.
As I waited for more information from my medical team, I wasted no time to book a consultation.

She focused on root causes that would help me beyond this phase of my life. I received food recommendations and restaurants for days I wouldn’t be able to make meals. In addition, I have a daily routine and additional tools for mental wellness. Basically, everything starts from within! She will follow up with you so don’t slip up!
As a business woman myself, I need a reminder from time to time. I appreciate you Akilah, for your support, time, compassion and look forward to seeing you grow in every aspect of your business ventures and life!